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Now you’ve done the hard part and put all your ideas from your head onto the page and created your work of art, it's now time to let your family, friends and others see your finished book by self publishing.

Make your own book happen at Airdrie Print Services. We provide a complete self publishing service to customers throughout the UK offering flexible printing options designed to meet your book printing requirements. We provide both a print on demand digital printing service for shorter runs and a litho printing service for longer runs.

How to write a book?

We can't tell you how to write a book, but we do know there's never been a better time to self publish your own book. Advances in printing now provide a print on demand service for short run books. At Airdrie Print we have all the tools required to bring your book to life. So let us begin working when you have finished writing your book.

How to publish a book - self publish?

Quite simply, you supply us a text file in any format from Microsoft Word to PDF and we take care of all the imposition, printing, binding and delivery. We can also help with the book cover design either softback, paperback or hardback.

We know how much effort it requires to write a book so if this is your first time self publishing then our friendly experienced staff can help you through all the steps. Start by getting a Quick Quote from us or give us a call should you wish to go through some finer details and clarify a few things first.

Get a Quick Quote now or give us a call on 01236 751461 or 751833.

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